Soya Plus

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This is the much desired financial freedom.
The distributors can make over 35% sales profit and also earn instant huge commission by introducing other distributors.

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Why Soya Plus in our tea or beverage

Ø Soyaplus contains OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID that helps to build the brain and improve memory.

Ø Soyaplus contains all the ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS that aid the proper growth and development  of our children.

Ø Soyaplus is COMPLETE PROTEIN so it helps to balance our high intake of carbohydrate, starch, sugar and fat-based foods.

Ø Soyaplus contains ISOFLAVONES that help to inhibit the growth of cells that form artery clogging plague thereby allowing free blood movement in the arteries.

Ø ISOFLAVONES help in the preservation of bone substance and fight osteoporosis.

Ø Soyaplus contains high FIBRE that aid digestion and help to fight cholesterol.

Ø Soyaplus contains PHYTOCHEMICALS promoted for the prevention and treatment of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.


People who need Soya Plus

1.    EVERYBODY needs Soyaplus for its rich nutritional values .

2.    CHILDREN: From age 6months, add half baby spoonful of  Soyaplus at every baby’s meal e.g.  pap, noodles etc or make as tea.

3.    DIABETIC/HYPERTENSIVE PERSONS: Mix one tablespoonful of Soyaplus inside drinkable water, drink morning and evening. No sugar, milk or honey should be added.

4.    PREGNANT WOMEN: Mix one tablespoonful of Soyaplus in water, add honey and milk to taste if not having sugar in urine

5.    PLWHA/OVC/: Take as in 2 above

6.    OLD PERSONS: Take as in 2 above

7.    SICK PERSONS: Mix one tablespoonful of Soyaplus in water, add honey and milk to taste if not diabetic or hypertensive

8.   MALNOURISHED CHILDREN : Use as in 1 above

9.    ANEMIC PERSONS: Mix one tablespoonful of Soyaplus in water, add honey and milk to taste.

Prevention is better than cure. A stitch in time saves nine. Do not wait to be sick, diabetic or hypertensive before using  Soyaplus, start to use Soyaplus today!!!


Soyaplus is available in leading pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals and stores. Please call our numbers below in case you have difficulty in getting Soyaplus to buy.